Ben Brown & Elana Bell

Ben Brown is a sound practitioner, visual artist, and bodyworker. He seeks the intersection of mediums that provide a haven from social-emotional isolation and support our adaptive capabilities to self-soothe and heal. Much of his work comes from the impulse to create more space in the nervous system and body through vibrational frequencies that connect us to our ancestral wisdom and being.

Ben is the co-founder of HOME and E L I X I R, two monthly virtual sound practices. In addition, he has presented live and virtual sound experiences for Columbia University, Policy Center, You Can Thrive, Gatherwild, and Ben Lomond Quaker Center. His recent film, Beauty Medicine, a collaborative sound visual art project with Dr. Grace Osborne, opened at SANG's gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and can be viewed here.

Elana Bell is a poet, sound practitioner, and creative guide.

She holds a Sound and Music Integration certification from the New York Open Center's Sound and Music Institute. She leads one-on-one and group Sacred Sound Journeys using various instruments and voices to support participants in tapping into a deep state of relaxation and healing, allowing space to release emotions and open the creative channel.

Elana is the co-founder of HOME, a monthly virtual sound experience. Her sound work has been presented at Columbia University, You Can Thrive, LAB/Shul, The Assemblage, The Shift Network, Public Allies, and The Emotional Institute, among others.

Elana currently teaches poetry to first-year acting students at the Juilliard School. She sings with the Resistance Revival Chorus, a group of womxn and non-binary activists and musicians committed to bringing joy and song to the resistance movement.

Past Olios with Ben Brown & Elana Bell

Sound and Sanctuary

The sound experience aims to encourage more space, rest, and resilience in the body and nervous system. Sound also provides an opportunity to experience ourselves more deeply and connect to our higher consciousness. We use sound to shift our consciousness and provide a path to the present moment. The expansion of the nervous system supports you, the work you do, and the community you serve.

Venue: None

Teacher: Ben Brown & Elana Bell

Oct. 30, 2021, 2 p.m.

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