Kashema Hutchinson

Kashema Hutchinson is a Ph.D. candidate in the Urban Education program at the Graduate Center (CUNY). She is also the Co-Director of the Peers Leadership Fellows Program. She has facilitated discussion groups with incarcerated populations in New York and has taught several Olios. Kashema creates and uses Hip Hop infographics to facilitate discussions on the role of women and history; philosophy; behavioral economics and; class and crime in traditional and non-traditional educative spaces. She is also a Co-Director of the Universal Hip Hop Museum’s Education Committee. In addition, Kashema is also an adjunct lecturer and teaches critical thinking to undergraduate and early college students. Her research interests include mattering and marginalization, the socialization of Black girls and women, zero-tolerance policies, mindfulness and Hip Hop pedagogy.

Past Olios with Kashema Hutchinson

Deschooling & Decolonizing: Systemic Change From the Inside Out

Somewhere along their academic endeavor, the idea of inclusion and belonging in higher education becomes erased for many marginalized students. What happens in these instances? Why is this a common experience? The answer may be because of the history and structure of the university itself. This OlioCourse will expose the veneer of the university and colonial machine that it is using the work of a few instrumental thinkers including Janelle Monae. It will show how some were able “take a byte” and reconfigure the university into decolonial projects. Moreover, our 8 sessions will help us to understand why being a dirty computer is not such a bad thing and in fact, could be the blueprint to changing any industry from the inside-out.

Venue: None

Teacher: Kashema Hutchinson

May 28, 2021, 7 p.m.

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