Nikki Calonge

Nikki Calonge (she/her/siya) studies the relationship between movement and soul. Certified through Jaya Yoga Center’s 500hr teacher training program and a graduate of New York University’s Experimental Theater Wing, her classes and sessions are influenced by her love of Vinyasa Yoga, Katonah Yoga®, Aikido + Zen Meditation (Brooklyn Aikikai), holistic health (Ayurveda’s World), assisted stretching, and a commitment to liberation for all. Nikki is currently pursuing her MS in Dance/Movement Therapy at the Pratt Institute. She offers well-informed yoga classes, remotely and in-person, specializing in hands-on assists from Basic to Open levels, as well as Restorative. Together, we deconstruct, develop, and edify the posture for each person with emphasis on process, never product. Body and breath are simply starting points, a place to play, create awareness and personal agency; an opening into ever-expanding potential.

Past Olios with Nikki Calonge

OlioHouse Sound and Body Weekend

Join us for a weekend at the OlioHouse with stunning Fall foliage as Nikki Calonge takes us through yoga theory and practice outdoors under the trees and sun. We'll follow up philosophy and movement classes with a live sound bath experience + hands-on activities throughout the weekend like bread making, apple picking, mushroom foraging and more! Seasonal, delicious meals included.

Venue: None

Teacher: Nikki Calonge

Oct. 29, 2021, 7 p.m.

Belief Lives in the Body

How do we affect each other when we are not in the same physical space? Distance learning has become a necessity for many, from the institutional to the recreational. As educators and students who work with the body, how do we reach across this digital space and affect one another practically, mystically, and authentically?

Venue: None

Teacher: Nikki Calonge

May 26, 2021, 7 p.m.

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